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Looking for IGNOU MCOM previous papers? Here we have created solved previous papers for students enrolled in IGNOU’s Masters, Bachelors, Diploma as well as Certificate courses. Boost your practice for your IGNOU Exams by practicing from the IGNOU MCOM previous papers. If you ask any IGNOU student “How to prepare for IGNOU MCOM exams?” the most common answer would be to practice IGNOU MCOM previous papers. If you practice from at least 5 previous year papers, you can definitely boost your knowledge and get a thorough idea of the exam pattern. Along with this you can get yourself familiar with most important questions that are frequently asked in the previous exams in order to get 90+ grades updated on your grade card.

Here is a guide to prepare for your exams using IGNOU MCOM Previous Papers:


  • Gather Materials:Collect past exam papers for the last 3-5 years (if available). You can get these from our website or by directly messaging us on WhatsApp.
  • Syllabus Analysis:Get a copy of your exam syllabus and analyse it thoroughly. Break down the syllabus into topics and subtopics. Identify the weightage of each topic to prioritize your studying.
  • Observe the Pattern: Observe the pattern of the MCOM Previous paper and practice in a structured way so that you know from where to start and where to end writing the exam.
  • Note Questions: Observe the most common and frequently repeating questions over the years and practice for them more by solving them again and again.

Plan & Analyze:

  • Categorize Questions:Once you have IGNOU MCOM Previous papers, categorize the questions based on the syllabus topics. This will show you which topics are frequently tested.
  • Identify Knowledge Gaps:Review the categorized questions and identify areas where you struggle or lack knowledge. This will help you focus on those topics during your study sessions.
  • Learn the unknown topics: Make a list of the topics that you don’t know much about. Find the answers and practice them so that you don’t skip a single topic for the exam.

Create Your Schedule:

  • Time Management:Consider how much time you have until the exam and create a realistic study schedule. Allocate specific time slots for each topic, dedicating more time to your weaker areas. Schedule breaks to avoid burnout.
  • Active Learning:Don’t just passively read past papers. Simulate exam conditions by setting timers and working under timed pressure. You have to keep your distractions aside for a while.

Using Guess Papers:

  • Topic-wise Practice:Start with topics you’re comfortable with, and then move on to more challenging ones. Use guess papers to practice questions specific to each topic. You will also get a thorough idea of the exam pattern by practicing from the guess papers. You can purchase IGNOU MCOM solved guess papers on our website.
  • Review & Analysis:You should carefully go over your responses after you have attempted a paper. Identify any errors you may have made and consult your notes or textbooks in order to acquire a deeper comprehension of the concepts.
  • Look for Patterns:As you finish more papers, you should identify the types of questions and topics that appear repeatedly. Your ability to anticipate what might be on your actual exam will be improved as a result of this.

Additional Tips:

  • Don’t Just Memorize: The purpose of the IGNOU MCOM previous papers is not simply to memorize answers; rather, they are for practice and recognizing patterns. The most important thing is to understand the ideas behind the questions.
  • Take Notes: Notes should be taken on important points, formulas, or mistakes that you make while you are practicing. You can use these notes for a speedy review as the test date draws nearer.
  • Mock Exams: At the end of your study period, you might want to think about scheduling some practice tests. By simulating the actual exam environment, you can practice managing your time effectively and reducing your anxiety about the test.

Remember: Maintaining consistency is essential. You will be able to significantly improve your exam preparation and achieve success if you adhere to this plan and actively engage with previous test questions.


How to download IGNOU MCOM Previous Year Question Paper PDF (unsolved)?

There are two main ways to download previous year IGNOU question papers:

  1. IGNOU Official Website:
  • Go to the IGNOU website: [IGNOU student zone ON Indira Gandhi National Open University ignou.ac.in]
  • Click on “Student Support”
  • Select the “Downloads” option
  • Choose “Question Papers” from the download options
  • You’ll see a page for “Previous Year Question Papers.” Here you can select the exam session (June or December) and the year you want.
  • Search for MCOM and choose the specific program or course and then download the question paper for your particular subject in PDF format.
  1. IGNOU Web Services:
  • Alternatively, you can access IGNOU’s web services for previous year question papers: [IGNOU previous year question paper ON webservices.ignou.ac.in]
  • This page directly displays “Previous Year Question Papers.”
  • Select the exam session (Term End Examination) and the year you’re interested in.
  • You’ll see a list of exams offered in that session and year. Search for MCOM and choose the specific course and download the question paper for your subject.


For those who are willing to get Solved IGNOU MCOM Previous Papers PDF, we offer a comprehensive collection of MCOM previous papers of both June and December sessions. It come with solutions that have been carefully crafted by our team of experts. Examine the different formats of questions, look for frequent patterns, and make sure you have a solid understanding of the foundational concepts.

Stop wasting time guessing what to study for your upcoming Term End Examinations to get good marks. IGNOU MCOM Solved Previous Papers is what we are offering and this is all you need for IGNOU MCOM exam preparation. IGNOU MCOM previous papers (Solved) are available in soft copy (PDF) format as well as Hard-copy format. You can get yours from our website or you can order by WhatsApp us at +919354637830.

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